Dog and Cat Food & Treats

Other End of the Leash Pet Boutique and Bakery is dedicated to the health of your animals. As with humans, nutrition is an essential component of wellness. We have done extensive research into the pet food industry and our staff is committed to helping you find the best food to meet your pet’s needs.

We have selected the highest quality foods by asking the following questions:

  1. What ingredients are in your pet’s food?

    All of the food manufacturers that we carry in our store are committed to using ingredients that are natural and meet the health needs of your pets. There are some “Red Flag” ingredients that are often used to reduce the price of pet food or help increase the shelf life of the food. While these ingredients succeed in that mission, they are not healthy for your animals. All of the foods that we carry are free of: By-products, fillers, artificial flavors and colors, and chemical preservatives.

  2. What is the quality of the ingredients in your pet’s food?

    Human food must meet USDA standards but the FDA allows these federal laws to be violated in the pet food industry. That is why it is critical to ask the manufacturer things that you can’t necessarily tell by looking at the food label. Meats and vegetables that do not meet the standards for human consumption are allowed to be processed into pet food. When it comes to pet food, all chicken, beef, vegetables, grains, and vitamins are not created equally. Indeed some manufacturers will purposefully purchase ingredients that are rejected for human consumption since they are so much less expensive. They call these meats the “4-D meats” (dead, diseased, dying, or disabled). Thank goodness there are some pet food manufacturers who are making high quality food with high quality ingredients even though they don’t HAVE to by law. All of the food manufacturers we partner with are committed to using foods that are fit for human consumption.

  3. Where do the ingredients come from?

    Another aspect of the quality issue is learning more about where the ingredients are harvested. As we mentioned above all of our vendors are completely transparent about where the ingredients come from and absolutely nothing comes from China. Our vendors certify where and how the ingredients are harvested and often partner with local farmers to help sustain their local communities.

  4. Where are the products packaged?

    All of our manufacturers produce their products in USDA inspected and approved facilities using clean and hygienic packaging techniques and materials. This ensures that the ingredients are fresh when they arrive at the plant and are fresh when they enter the packages that arrive at our store.